v1.04.09 – Juno SB / SC, Operating System (Juno_SB_SC_OS_v10409.zip – 64558 KB)

Download this file to upgrade your Juno series handheld to ROM version 1.04.09. This is an operating system update and is no charge to download and install. Depending on when it was shipped, your Juno series handheld may already have this version of the operating system installed. You can identify which version is installed by referring to the ROM version listed Settings/System/SystemInfo/OS version.

Trimble strongly recommends that you update any existing Juno SB and Juno SC handhelds to version 1.04.09 of the operating system.

The following changes were made in the 1.04.09 ROM version:

  • Improvements to the Wi-Fi channels used (channel 1-11)
  • Juno series handhelds will now charge when they are connected to a computer using a USB cable with an active data connection

The following improvements are also included, from ROM version 1.04.06 released in June 2010:

  • Improvements to the camera during autofocus
  • Improved reliability of Internet connection ( Juno SC handheld only)
  • Modem state (on/off ) is now preserved after the unit is powered off and on (Juno SC handheld only)
  • Softkey wake-up when an Internet connection is present has been disabled to reduce accidentally turning on the unit ( Juno SC handheld only)

The following improvement is also included, from ROM version 1.03.04 released in May 2009:

  • Reduced photo capture time

Installation Instructions:

  • For full details on installing the new ROM version see the Release Notes.
  • Please note this process will require aquisition of a mini-SD card.