Winflash Utility for v4.15 GPS Firmware(WFC-ProXRT-V415.exe – 7844 KB)

This download includes the v4.15 firmware and the Winflash software. The Winflash software is used to install the firmware and activate receiver options (including the GLONASS and NMEA options) on the GPS Pathfinder ProXRT. To install the new firmware version, see the Release Notes for instructions. The following changes were made in the v4.15 firmware version:

  • Positions initialize faster and more readily at greater ranges than with firmware 3.72.
  • A receiver running firmware version 4.15 from a single base station on the Internet provides a more reliable accuracy with long baselines.
  • Under tree canopy, GPS signals may be heavily attenuated. In this environment, firmware 4.15 performs better than version 3.72.

The following changes are available to customers who have also purchased the NMEA option:

  • NMEA GGA output now uses a Beacon Reference Station ID.

This release includes the following OmniSTAR library versions:

  • HP/XP Firmware Version is HP 5.14
  • VBS Firmware Version is VBS 2.09a
  • A greater margin has been added to prevent the position solution switching between OmniSTAR HP and VBS and back again.


  • The new 4.15 firmware version is free of charge to all existing ProXRT customers. Trimble recommends that all customers with entitlement to the field software versions listed below should upgrade their receivers to the new firmware.

WARNING: If you upgrade to this version of firmware you will be required to use:

  • Trimble TerraSync software version 4.13 or later
  • Trimble GPScorrect extension for ESRI ArcPad software version 3.13 or later
  • Third-party software based on the Trimble GPS Pathfinder Tools SDK version 2.41.

Failing this, you will not be able to connect to this GPS receiver. Once this firmware has been uploaded onto your device you will not be able to revert to a previous version.