If you are using a Windows Mobile (WM) 6.1 Trimble device (i.e. Geo 2008 or Juno SB/SC/SD) your WiFi settings are more secure then they were with WM 6.0, WM 5.0. To allow communication with external WiFi networks such as Wifi Hot Spots, or Digitial Camera technology such as Wind Image Transfer or Trimble TrimPix Pro with EyeFi card you will need to change – expand – your WiFi settings to allow them to be visible. If you go to Start/Settings/Connection on your WM 6.1 device click on the Wireless Manager Icon. Then Turn WiFi “ON” if it is not already on and then click “Menu” and “WiFi Settings” in the lower right of the screen. Lastly click on the drop down arrow for “Networks to Access:” and change the “Only acces points” to All Available. Now you will see more WiFi networks and be able to use other networks in the list. See the screen shots.