Active Sync and Windows Mobile Device Center Troubleshooting Tricks

Downloads for Microsoft Active Sync 4.5 and WMDC 6.1:


These softwares lets you transfer files between Windows Mobile device and an office computer running a Microsoft Windows desktop operating system.

If ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center fails to establish a connection…

ActiveSync Window

Try the following…

  1. Disconnect and reconnect the device several times.
  2. Soft Reset the device
  3. Try another USB Cable
  4. Try a different USB port on your PC
  5. On the mobile device, go into ‘Start’ > ‘Settings’ > ‘Connections’ > ‘USB to PC’ and uncheck the box for ‘Enable advanced network functionality‘ option. This should now free the connection for download.
  6. Check to see if the anti-virus and or firewall settings on the PC are blocking the connection.
  7. Go to ‘My Computer’ and see if the mobile device is listed as one of the available drives. If it is present, double-click on it, this will likely start ActiveSync/Windows Mobile Device Center.
  8. Try Restarting the computer
  9. You can perform a repair:
    • To repair ActiveSync, go to ‘Add or Remove Programs’–> select ‘Microsoft ActiveSync’–> click on ‘Click here for support information’ –> then click ‘Repair’.
    • To repair Windows Mobile Device Center, select ‘Start’ –> ‘Control Panel’ –> ‘Programs and Features’ –> Select ‘Windows Mobile Device Center’ –> then click ‘Repair’.

NEW AS OF APRIL 28th, 2011:

Trouble Shooting Windows Mobile Device Center:

UPDATED AS of June 14th – 2011:   Offical Support Note from Trimble:  Geo Explorer 6000 Series: Tips for connecting to Windows Mobile Device Center

If you continue to have trouble with WMDC and a Geo 6000 not connecting to your PC please contact me and I can e-mail you a Geo 6000 USB FIX.CAB file.

Detailed list of troubleshooting steps one can take to resolve connection issues.  These steps refer to Windows 7 on both 32 and 64 bit machines and WM 6.1 and WM 6.5.  They are in a loose order of what I would confirm/troubleshoot first to more obscure.

1)      Ensure that your machine has all Windows Updates (

2)      Ensure that the latest WMDC is installed, version 6.1.6965 or higher

3)      No WMDC Partnerships!  Always connect as guest.  Remove any existing Partnerships

4)      User Account Settings.  Set the Slider Bar to ‘Never Notify’

5)      USB Ports.  Some may differ from others.  Some motherboards have different chipsets from one side to another.  Always try different USB Ports.  Avoid USB Ports from peripheral devices such as monitors, keyboards, adapters, etc..

6)      Virus Scanners.  Make sure that your virus scanner isn’t stopping or blocking ‘wmdc.exe’ or ‘wmdcbase.exe’

7)      If you notice that WMDC is trying to rename the device, then on the device go to Settings / System / About / Device ID and change the name from its default

8)      On Mobile Device, change the device from RNDIS to USB only by using the USB to PC application under Start / Settings / Connections (uncheck the check box).  Reset device!

9)      With device connected to machine (even if connection ‘fails’) go to the Device Manager and under either Network adaptors or Universal Serial Bus controllers (depending on if you are in RNDIS mode or USB mode, see above) and right click on the entry in the list that sows connection to a device and first try ‘Update Driver’.  If that fails, right click on entry and choose ‘Uninstall Driver’.  Immediately disconnect device and then reconnect the device.  If this fails then go to 7)

10)   Basically do the same as 6) but with this addition.  Connect device, delete driver, immediately disconnect device.  Uninstall WMDC.  Reconnect device (may take a couple minutes so be patient).  Device should be recognized.  Reinstall WMDC v. 6.1.6965

11)   Some machine require that the Media Player be run first!  Install the full windows media pack for Windows 7 and then start and close the Media Player.  Connect device.

 Please leave a comment you have found other trouble shooting tips for Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 and or Active Sync 4.5.

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  1. seilermapsupport April 28, 2011 at 8:18 pm - Reply

    Lower your Firewall and antivirus settings on your PC. Try other USB ports. Do not set up Partnerships in Active Sync 4.5 or WMDC 6.1. Guest connections are best.

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