ArcPad 10 Service Pack 1 is now available

ArcPad 10 Service Pack 1 is now available for download. Below are some of the issues addressed with this new release:

  • ArcPad Camera and Photo Layers – Start time has been improved for cameras that can operate in the landscape or portrait mode (ie, the Juno)
  • ArcGIS Online and Raster Layers – Improved support for TIFF images
  • GPS – eliminating errors…ERROR CODE 5
  • General – Nesting can be done with AXF layers, better button control, pinch zoom (like Iphone)
  • ArcPad Data Manager – Fixed crashes on checkout
  • Customization
  • Documentation

      Please check out the link above for the service pack 1 download and more detailed information about these issues. You may also be interested in the online video, What’s New in ArcPad 10 SP1, referencing similar information.

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