Trimble Survey Controller Software: Using the FineLock Aperture


  • Trimble® S8 total station
  • Trimble Survey Controller™ software
  • Trimble Access™ software


The Trimble Access software has the option to measure very short distances with FineLock™ technology, using a FineLock aperture.

However, when using Trimble Survey Controller software, short distances (< 20 m) using the FineLock technology are not accepted. Why is that?


The FineLock aperture option is offered in the Trimble Access software only. To enable it, select General Survey/Instrument/Autolock and Search Controls.

This option is not available from the corresponding Trimble Survey Controller software menu (for example, in firmware version 12.46) and the FineLock aperture should therefore not be used in combination with the Trimble Survey Controller software.