Survey Pro 4.10 released…supports Trimble S3 Total Station


New Features and Changes

  • ·         The Trimble S3 Total Station is now supported using the Trimble TSC2 controller.
  • ·         Added support for using LandXML files for a road definition. Roads can be loaded from a LandXML file and will include cross sections and alignments. The road can then be staked using the road staking tools just like a road loaded from an RD5 file except the road definition cannot be modified on the data collector.
  • ·         Added a new feature that allows real-time coordinate and measurement data to be output via Bluetooth or a COM port on the controller for use outside of Survey Pro. The data is in a simple XML format and can contain just coordinate information for new points, measurement data for stored points, or both.
  • ·         Added a Save Results option for all result screens. This new feature will save results from such things as COGO computations to a file. This is a tap and hold feature where customers simply tap and hold down in the results screen to get a context menu to appear. Options are available for creating a new file or to append to an existing file. The resulting text file can be printed or transferred to an office computer for printing.
  • ·         Added support for the Spectra Precision Solution Improvement Program. This feature enables customers to send anonymous usage data back to Spectra Precision for analysis. This data will assist in producing features and workflows that will better reflect customer usage patterns and needs. This feature is optional and can either be installed or skipped when using the Survey Pro installation program.


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