Trimble Bulletin of Replacement for the “Early Model AC Power Adapter” click on this link below. 

 GPS Pathfinder ProXT and ProXH Receivers: Important Product Advisory  

A brief excerpt  from the Trimble Support Note:

Under certain rare fault conditions, internal regulators within the GPS Pathfinder ProXT or ProXH receivers were found to be capable of extracting more power from the earlier AC adapter than is possible from the current adapter. The older adapter was superseded in May 2007, and since that time no known issues have arisen that can be attributed to the current adapter.

In the interests of safety, Trimble has decided to replace all examples of the early model AC adapter.

Trimble advises all customers , particularly those who purchased a GPS Pathfinder ProXT or ProXH receiver prior to December 2007, to check the AC adapter. If this is an early model adapter, customers are advised to contact their local Trimble reseller to obtain a replacement AC adapter at no charge.

Until such time as the new adapter is received, Trimble recommends that users continue to charge the battery externally to the unit, as described in the support note.


Trimble has retested the new adapter for safety and recommends that customers carefully dispose of the older adapter, and use only a new adapter. In future, no other type of adapter should be used to charge the unit with the battery placed within the unit.

After reading the support note and your AC power adapter is of the older style please contact your sales person to proceed with replacement process.