Quick Start/Reference Guides for TerraSync and ArcPad

Here are some useful Quick Start/Reference Guides for TerraSync and ArcPad:

Quick Start Guide for TerraSync 3.xx  of which most of the screen display and functions are still in TerraSync 4.xx and 5.xx.  See below for the TerraSync 5.xx Quick Start Guide.

Quick Reference Guide for ArcPad 8 and ArcPad 10 are located on your PC after you install the software.

“C:Program FilesArcGISArcPad(version)HelpArcPad_QuickRef.pdf”  – its a 2 sided document.  If you received the CD of ArcPad 8 or 10 this should also be included as a laminated version.

For more help on TerraSync or ArcPad consult these web-links:


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