Setting Antenna Height and Type in TerraSync

The following screen shots show where to set up your internal or external Antenna Height and Type in TerraSync.

Start TerraSync and change the “Skyplot” menu screen to the “Setup” menu.  Select “Logging Settings” and click on the wrench symbol to the right of “Antenna Height”.  Now you change the height of your internal/external antenna and the type.  Depending on how you are positioning your antenna and what types of features you are collecting you may need to change your antenna height in the same file.  TerraSync allows you to select the antenna height per file or per feature.

Best Practices with External Antennas:

  • Connect antenna cable before starting the GPS software
  • Change the antenna height
  • Change the antenna type
  • Open a data file
  • Connect to GPS if it did not auto connect to the receiver
  • **Only disconnect the antenna cable if the data file is closed.
  • If you disconnected the antenna cable and need to use the Geo’s own antenna, then be sure change the Antenna Height and Antenna Type before you reopen the file or open a new file.
  • If using Bluetooth to connect from your data collector (Juno, Nomad, Yuma or other device) to a Pro Receiver (Pro XRT, Pro XH, Pro XT, Pro 6H, Pro6T)  be sure to close down the data file before turning off the external Receiver/Antenna.  Once the external Receiver/Antenna is turned off then change the Antenna Height and Antenna Type for the internal GPS receiver on your data collector before you reopen the file or open a new file.
  • See Logging Settings/Antenna Settings in the Trimble TerraSync Getting Started Guide

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