Geo Explorer “XH/XT 6000 Series” – Trimble MGIS Webinar – March 2nd, 2011

The “Geo Exploer 6000”  Trimble Webinar which was held on March 2nd at 2pm Central time is now avalable for Viewing and or Download Trimble MGIS Webinars


Sign up for the “Geo Exploer 6000”  Trimble Webinar March 2nd at 2pm Central time : Trimble MGIS WebinarsTrimble MGIS Webinars

Learn about the following topics for the new Geo Explorer ” XH/XT 6000 Series:

  • Giving you high accuracy positioning in more places than ever before
  • Reducing the number of field devices you need to carry
  • Allowing you to operate more effectively in outdoor conditions
  • Keeping pace with the way you need to work
  • Allowing you to stay connected in the field
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