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Screen Real Estate is Priceless More screen real estate means a better field data collection experience for you 

GPS mobile devices are designed to be easy to use but they can become frustrating because they do have a really small screen. There are a few options available to help you take advantage of every inch of your display.

These two buttons are all you need for field collection!
All you need for field collection!

CartoPac allows you to turn off all the toolbars and still collect field data with just a few click of buttons on the main toolbar, the Mode button (arrow) which allows you to select and inquire upon features and Add New Feature button (+). The benefits to this are faster field data collection and more screen real estate for a more pleasant field data collection experience.

Tap View > Toolbars

Toolbars in CartoPacMobile

CartoPacMobile has many toolbars that offer a wide array of functionality. To access these toolbars, select the ‘View’ menu, tap ‘Toolbars’. This will display a fly-out menu with the various toolbars available and a checkmark to signify if they will be displayed. You can check or uncheck these toolbars by tapping with the stylus so you can maximize your display.

Toggling on/off the Toolbars Toggling all the toolbars on/off at once can be done quickly from the View menu. Simply tap View > Show Toolbars. A check next to the toolbars means all toolbars can be seen. To maximize screen real estate, make sure there is no check mark besides the ‘Show Toolbars’ so you can view your data on the entire screen. 

Toggle On/Off Toolbars

CartoPac gives the field user the ability to turn off toolbars allowing them to gain valuable screen real estate without losing any functionality.

Did you know?  On-line support submissions are now available to clients. Click here to submit a support request and our technicians will contact you shortly! 

For helpful tips to make contacting tech support a little easier, please review this archived technical tip.


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