CartoPac Field Solutions Technical Tips
Techniques for Collecting Accurate DataImprove your data’s accuracy

CartoPac Mobile supports the full range of accuracy requirements which helps to ensure that you are collecting accurate data in the field.

Quick tips to help you maximize the accuracy of your GPS data

  • Take your time when possible. Give the receiver some time to lock on the satellites and acquire a PDOP of 6 or lower.
  • A GPS reading is taken when you tap the Create or Add button so be sure your receiver/antenna is directly over the asset you are mapping. Hold the receiver out and in front of you to avoid blocking satellites with your body.
  • Pay special attention to the location of your GPS unit. Your receiver may not receive signals if you stand near any obstruction such as buildings, trees, or virtually anything that can block or alter the path of the radio signals.
  • Use averaging when collecting point features. Averaging allows your GPS to take many measurements and then calculate an average position before saving the location to memory.

Field Data Collection

What you see when you collect data with CartoPac™ MobileBy activating the GPS toolbar, you can learn more about:

Leverage these displays to ensure maximum accuracy of the data you are collecting.

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