CartoPac Field Solutions Technical Tips
Common Mistakes 

Nobody is perfect! Below are some common mistakes made by field users:

Forgetting to exit Zoom Mode 

In CartoPac™ Mobile users can zoom into any area using the Drag Zoom option. When using this functionality, they are placed in Zoom Mode and cannot do normal functions like pan or inquire upon a point. It is common to forget you are in zoom mode and tap the screen with the stylus. CartoPac™ Mobile zooms in to the location tapped. This can be frustrating for users if the tap was unintentional.

Simply exit Zoom Mode by unselecting the Drag Zoom mode button (shown below) and CartoPac™ Mobile will return to Edit/View Mode.

Zoom Mode

Minimized Application
CartoPac™ Mobile minimized on the mobile screen.

Minimizing CartoPac™ Mobile instead of Exiting

When uploading your project, users will see a message that says CartoPac Mobile is still running on the mobile device. This is normally because the user believes he is shutting down the software by tapping the “X” at the top right corner of the screen.

To Exit CartoPac Mobile you will need to maximize the program and go to File then Exit. You will be prompted to save if needed.

Using the Incorrect Navigation mode 

Navigation Modes

It is important to realize there are two types of Navigation in CartoPac™ Mobile and they serve different functions.

· Go To Navigation allows users to Navigate to a GPS Coordinate

· Feature Navigation lets users navigate to a selected feature

These two options allow users to quickly locate a feature that might be hard to find in the field or navigate to a specific location using coordinate input.

Did you know? 

On-line support submissions are now available to clients. Click here to submit a support request and our technicians will contact you shortly!

For helpful tips to make contacting tech support a little easier, please review this archived technical tip.

For More Information 

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