This is a follow up to the WAAS/SBAS post from December 16 2010.   This real-time signal is primarily used by the FAA for guiding Airplanes but we can use it for a navigation correction for our mapping grade receivers to achieve a 1-5 meter horizontal correction.  WAAS 135 resumes normal operation

New SBAS.ini file available

  • A new SBAS.ini file addresses the reinstatement of PRN 135.  The file is available for download on  Note that this version of the SBAS.ini file is included in the TerraSync software versions 4.15, 5.02, and 5.10, and the GPScorrect extension versions 3.16 and 3.20.  This SBAS.ini file should be independently added to versions of the TerraSync software and the GPScorrect extension not shown here.
  • It also has added the new WAAS 133 too.

If you travel around the world you have 4 SBAS realtime signals and this SBAS.ini file allows your Trimble MGIS software to track them:

  • [WAAS] – Covers North America
  • [EGNOS] – Covers Europe
  • [MSAS] – Covers Japan
  • [GAGAN] – Covers India

DOWNLOAD HERE:  TerraSync Support/Downloads or GPS Correct Support/Downloads to your PC.  Scroll 3/4 of the way down either website to download the “SBAS.ini” file.

To update the SBAS.ini file of TerraSync or GPS Correct not listed above follow this procedure:

  • On a Windows Mobile device running Trimble field software, copy the SBAS.ini file to Program FilesCommon FilesTrimbleConfig.
  • On an office computer running Trimble field software, copy the file to C:Program FilesCommon FilesTrimbleConfig.
  • On an office computer with GPS Analyst, copy the file to C:Program FilesTrimbleGPS AnalystBin.  **This is only if you are running Trimble GPS Analyst on a laptop, tablet or tough book in the field with a external GPS antenna or internal GPS in the Trimble Yuma etc.

NOTE:  If you already have installed TerraSync 4.15,  5.02 or 5.10 or GPS Correct 3.16 or 3.20 you will not need to update your SBAS.ini file as these programs already have the current SBAS.ini files.