The latest GPS Firmware for the Geo 6000 “3.00.5”  released on March 31st.

Please install this to your Geo 6000 XT or XH if you received your Geo 6000 prior to March 31st, 2011.

  • When performing this GPS Firmware upgrade – be sure that the Geo is plugged into the wall charger.

See Trimble’s website for more information on the Geo 6000 Downloads or click here:  GPS Firmware 3.00.5  for Geo 6000   Once on the website click on the following:  Downloads/Geo Explorer 6000 Series and then click on: “v 3.00.5 – GeoExplorer 6000 Series, GNSS Firmware” for the download.

Direct download click here:  v3.00.5 – GeoExplorer 6000 series, GNSS Firmware

Installation instructions:

  1. Download and SAVE the upgrade file to a location on your desktop computer.
  2. Connect the Geo 6000 to the wall charger.
  3. Using ActiveSync technology or the Windows Mobile Device Center, copy the upgrade file to your handheld.
  4. On the handheld, navigate to the file using File Explorer, then tap the file to run the update.

Installing the version 3.00.5 firmware update package will NOT erase files or applications.


Features and benefits

  • Improved GPS satellites acquisition during receiver initialization. The version 3.00.5 firmware addresses an issue in the initialization routine of the receiver that stopped the receiver from correctly acquiring all GPS satellites. This issue was characterized by lower than expected satellite counts visible in field software.
  •   Improved real-time precision estimates when using SBAS corrections. Changes were made to the calculation of current estimated accuracy (CEA) values when using SBAS satellite corrections. The changes improve both the accuracy and stability of the calculations of real-time precision estimates.
  •  Improved GNSS stability when tracking SBAS satellites. The version 3.00.5 firmware contains an update that resolves a stability issue affecting SBAS tracking. This issue was characterized by the receiver intermittently resetting when using SBAS satellite corrections.
  • Improved GNSS firmware update process. The version 3.00.5 firmware resolves an issue where the system report would not show the current version of the GNSS firmware until after the field software had been used to connect to the GNSS receiver. After installing version 3.00.5, the current GNSS firmware version will show up in the System Information application immediately following the completion of the firmware update process.                   


After you install the GPS Firmware 3.00.5 on your Geo 6000 Series you can look under the System Information Icon and click on the GNSS tab to see what your current GPS Firmware is:


*Please contact me if you need assistance:  [email protected]