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GPS Point Averaging

What it is and when to use it.

What is Point Averaging?

Point Averaging is an easy way to improve GPS positional accuracy in the field. Point averaging is the collection of a number of points taken over a given interval and their collective positions are averaged into a single point. Since a GPS updates your position every second and is subjected to many errors beyond your control, setting your mobile device to average mode will give you a significantly more accurate position.

Set up point averaging on CartoPac™ MobileSet up Averaging from the Options Menu

  1. To enable this feature, choose Options under the File tab on the main toolbar, then tap the Averaging tab under the GPS tab.
  1. From this menu, check Enable Averaging during Single Inserts/Moves. Then set the following:

o The number of Samples or the number of GPS points that will be averaged. It is recommended that between 30 and 60 samples are taken when averaging.

o The Sample Interval or the amount of time between samples. Recommended intervals are between 1and 2 seconds.

o Remain still until point averaging is complete.

Collecting a point without averaging. Collecting a point with averaging.

When to use Averaging
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When you decide to use point averaging is a trade-off between efficiency and accuracy of your survey and also depends upon the task. Collecting more positions, generally, provides a more accurate solution; and as general rule of thumb, averaging is improved greatly when points are taken for greater than sixty seconds. After a couple minutes on most hand-held devices, the additional time spent collecting does not produce a proportionally more accurate point.

Background Averaging

Background Averaging is available in the 3.3 release of CartoPac™ Mobile. When background averaging is enabled, users will be able to enter data into the form while the GPS is averaging data. As soon as the GPS completes the averaging, the data on the form will be updated.

You may close the form before averaging is completed. In this case the data form will be displayed again when the creation of the spatial feature is complete.

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