Confused by the lights on the top of your TSC3?

Unwilling to read the manual?  What manual?  Where is it?

Here is what the lights do and mean….

Notification LEDs

At the top of the unit are three LEDs that provide status information:

Left LED Center LED Right LED

Colors: amber, green, red Colors: amber, green, red Colors: amber, blue, green

Battery Status:

Green: fully charged

Amber: charging

Red: battery error

OS Status

(application dependent)




Red-blinking: alarm

WWAN Status:

Amber-blinking: 2G connection

Green-blinking: 3G connection

(if OS status alarm and WWAN is

on, the red will blink faster)

Bluetooth on:


Wi-Fi on:


GPS on:


(LED will flash in a sequence

if multiple features are on)

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