ArcPad GPS Preferences when using Trimble GPS Correct on Geo Explorers

After you install ArcPad on your Trimble Geo Explorer and then install Trimble GPS Correct the default settings are:

  • Protocol: Trimble GPS Correct
  • Port: COM3:TSIP Serial port
  • Baud: 9600

The Internal “GPS COM” Ports and Baud rates will be different with a Nomd, Juno and Yuma as those are “SIRF” GPS chips not Trimble GPS chips so there is no need to do the following steps.

One thing when using a Trimble Geo Explorer with ArcPad/GPS Correct is that the “Parity” needs to be changed to “Odd”  by default it is set to “None”.

In ArcPad: Click on the GPS Drop down arrrow below the GPS Symbol then click on GPS Preferences.

You will see a grey serial cable – click on this.

Then Click on “None” and change the Parity settings to “ODD”:

This will improve your GPS Connection within ArcPad running on a Trimble Geo Explorer and you should not see issues with GPS redraw (Error Code 5)  or random GPS disconnect.

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