OS Update “5.3.2” for Geo 2008/3000 Series

There is a new OS Update “5.3.2” for Geo 2008/3000 running Windows Mobile 6.1 original  “OS Revision was 5.3.1”  that fixes the following:

BEFORE: OS Rev 5.3.1

  • – Updated default system date
  • – SD cards inaccessible following suspend/resume
  • – Incorrect Japanese characters in Bluetooth PAN Control Panel
  • – GeoExplorer handheld making unexpected chirping noises

Click here for to download: OS Revision “5.3.2” for the Geo 2008/3000 Series.

Installation Instructions:

  • – Ensure that your GeoExplorer 2008 series has the GeoExplorer 2008 series Windows Mobile 6.1 Operating System (version 5.3.1). If it does not, install that update first before proceeding.
  • – Download the operating system firmware upgrade package to an office computer.
  • – Ensure that your GeoExplorer 2008 series handheld is in the support module, connected to a power source and connected to your computer using ActiveSync technology or the Windows Mobile Device Center.
  • – Browse to the location where you saved the upgrade file and then copy the executable file to the root directory on the Geo.
  • – On the handheld via File Explorer locate the file and tap the packaged CAB file to install it. The update will install automatically.

    AFTER: OS Rev 5.3.2

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