Solar Flare Event late June 8th and into 9th 2011


Small to moderate affect on Communications satellites near the Poles

Solar Flares will effect Communication Satellites  and airline travel near the Poles on June 8th and 9th.  Great light show at night if you live in Northern USA andCanada.   The Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) and aurora australis (Southern Lights) will also likely be visible in the late hours of June 8 or 9, NASA said.

Didn’t our Parents teach us not to stare at the Sun?  See this photo and video the recent erruption on the sun.

You may ask WHY? would solar flares affect GPS and other communication satellites.  Think of how your car, home or satellite radio or Satellite TV is affected in a Thunderstorm – distorted signal.  Since GPS is a radio signal coming from 12,000 miles away it has enough problems with our Ionosphere and other layers of the atmosphere.  Solar Flares will compound the issue of the GPS signal making its normal strength to us on the surface.  Not to mention a solar flare could knock out a communication satellite – another reason why they don’t orbit above the Poles.

This may have some effect on GPS and satellites to the North East andNorth Westfor users in the Northern Hemisphere.  This will have more of an impact on users tracking the Russian Glonass Satellites as they are further North.

The Space Weather Prediction Center  said the event is “expected to cause G1 (minor) to G2 (moderate) levels of geomagnetic storm activity tomorrow, June 8, beginning around 1800 GMT.”

Besides checking the Weather closer to ground and the Space weather always check your GPS Planning Software via GPS Controller, TerraSync or GPS Correct.  Be sure that your GPS Almanac is recent with 2 weeks or less.  It may not show affects of Solar Flares but it will show the health and Good Geometry of the American GPS Satellites.  You never know when the Department of Defense might move a satellite of turn one off or on.

See NOAA’s Space Weather Alerts website for more information and sign up to receive alerts.

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