New Features in Trimble Access V2011

New features (V2011.00)

Store position using Trimble TSC3 or Trimble Tablet internal GPS: You can now store a position from the Instrument/Position screen or from the Map using the Trimble TSC3 or Trimble Tablet internal GPS.


Media files: Media files, for example images captured using the in-built camera in a Trimble TSC3 or Trimble Tablet or transferred to the controller using Wi-Fi image transfer for example, can be linked to the job, or a point in a job. Previously images could only be associated to entities with attributes using a feature library.


BMP and JPEG georeferenced background image files are now supported in the map.

      ◘ BPM (.bmp_ and JPED (.jpg .jpeg) files with an associated world file are available for selection.  Supported world file extensions include: .wld, .jgw, .jpgw, .jpegw, .bpw, .bmpw

      ◘ You can export JPEG georeferenced image files from Trimble Business Center using Image/Capture mage provided that you have a Survey-Advanced license.  Trimble Business Center enables large files to be reduced in size for improved performance on the controller.


Hatching of areas in a Shape file is now supported.


Wi-Fi image transfer using as SDHC compatible digital camera with an Eye-Fi SDHC card is now available for the Trimble Tablet controller. To purchase the appropriate Wi-Fi image transfer components, contact your local Trimble dealer.


RT Differential survey styles using a land based broadcast are now supported. This rover survey type uses the differential corrections transmitted from beacon base stations, local base stations, or through the internet, to achieve sub-meter positioning at the rover.


Locked Survey Styles are now supported.  You can make a Survey Style read-only on the office computer before transferring it to the controller to prevent the style being edited in the field.


WAAS/ EGNOS support: You can now enable SBAS outside of a survey by selecting the Enable WAAS/EGNOS option from the Options softkey in the Satellites screen.


Custom prisms: You can now use a custom prism as an Active Target ID when using a Trimble VX Spatial Station or Trimble S Series total station with search capabilities.


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