TruPulse 360 laser for Mapping: FAQ’s and when to calibrate the laser?

Here are some helpful tips from the TruPulse 360/360B User Manual

From Page 3 of the TruPulse 360-B User manual-2nd Edition:

Do not expose the instrument to extreme temperatures

TruPulse™ components are rated for a temperature range of -4° F to +140° F (-20° C to +60° C). Do not expose the instrument to temperatures outside this range whether in use or in storage.


  1. When you first receive your TruPulse, first complete a Tilt Calibration (page 21) and then a Horizontal Angle Compass Calibration (page 29).  Calibrate the compass in an open setting free of magnetic interference – not recommend to calibrate in or near your car or in your office etc.
  2. For optimum performance, complete an on-site Horizontal Angle Compass Calibration each time that you change location or accessories – i.e. batteries. Also if the “AZ” flashes in the view finder it means that your batteries are low and after you replace your batteries you should then recalibrate.
  3. If the TruPulse is dropped or bumped its recommend to check that the tilt sensor is still calibrated.
  4. Only calibrate the Magnetic Declination if you are going to use the TruPulse by itself.  Most Mapping software’s allow you to set the Magnetic Declination within the GPS software so it is not necessary to set this twice.
  5. KEEP THE TRUPULSE 360B AWAY FROM MAGNETIC FIELDS. The Compass is susceptible to magnetic interference. Keep away from all ferro-magnetic materials and strong magnetic fields i.e. step out and away from the car/truck, fences, electric sub stations, metal building, etc.

Things that affect the Compass in the TruPulse 360B

Taken directly from Page 28 of the TruPulse 360-B User manual-2nd Edition:

Other objects that may potentially affect the TruPulse 360’s performance and should be avoided:

  • Batteries
  • Nails
  • Data collectors or computers
  • Pin flags
  • Hatchets
  • Portable radios
  • Homemade yokes
  • Steel-rimmed eyeglasses
  • Magnetic antenna mounts or spring hinge
  • Metal watch bands
  • Tripod tribrachs
  • Tripods

It is recommended that the data collector be located a minimum of 18 inches (46 centimeters) away from the TruPulse. 

  • This is to reduce any magnetic interference from the External GPS antenna or components inside the GPS unit itself. 
  • If you are using a GPS unit and laser combo for the same feature be sure to hold the laser in same vertical plain (approximately 18 inches up or down from the antenna).  This is so that a horizontal shift sideways is not introduced from the reference location taken by the GPS location.

Try to keep your shots short for consistent accuracy. – see the User Manual for the specs on page 3, 6 and 50.

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