As promised here are the full details on NEW Features in TerraSync 5.20 and GPS Pathfinder Office 5.20

We have PDF’s on our website that has the history of “What’s New in TerraSync and GPS Pathfinder Office”.

Or view and save them directly from these links:

What’s New in TerraSync 5.20

What’s New in GPS Pathfinder Office 5.20

Before upgrading  your software check to see if you maintenance is current.  Always check the latest Trimble MGIS Compatibility List before upgrading any Trimble Office or Field Software to your PC/Laptop/Tablet or GPS unit.

See the latest Trimble MGIS Compatibility List  as of August 22, 2011. 

If you are unsure of your maintenance expiration please contact your sales representative.  If the software is registered to you then you can login to the Trimble Registration website to verify your maintenance expiration.