Dear Trimble Survey customers,
On September 14, 2011, it was discovered that the WAVE baseline processor in Trimble Geomatics Office (TGO) and GPSurvey could not process GPS observations collected on or after that date. The failure in the WAVE processor was not anticipated due to the fact that both products had been discontinued (TGO was discontinued on December 31, 2010). The exact cause of the failure is unknown. The problem is limited to the WAVE baseline processor and does not affect TGO’s ability to import and process other data such as RTK vectors and optical measurements.
Trimble’s current GNSS processing software, Trimble Business Center, does not suffer from this failure.
At this time, we do not anticipate a fix for either TGO or GPSurvey.
All TGO and GPSurvey users with a current software maintenance agreement should contact their Trimble distributor to receive a copy of Trimble Business Center at no charge. We understand that many users are operating without a current maintenance agreement, and to assist with their urgent requirements we are offering 30-day licenses for the full version of Trimble Business Center. Please contact your Trimble distributor to request the temporary license.
We greatly appreciate your understanding and patience on this matter.
Thank you,
Trimble Survey

IF you have questions on this issue, please contact Tom Bryant at 636-288-1088 [email protected]

or Tom Seiler 314-218-6331 [email protected]