Maximizing the Controller Display and Touchscreen Lifespan

Controller displays and touchscreens require proper care to prolong life. To maximize the lifespan of the controller touchscreen, a screen protector must be applied to the touchscreen at all times. A screen protector will protect the controller touchscreen from scratches, dust, condensation, and stylus wear.

Trimble recommends that you use the ScreenGuardz static-cling screen protector as this leaves less residue than other adhesion-type screen protectors. The controller is shipped with one screen protector pre-applied. Replacement screen protectors are also provided in your package and can be re-ordered.

Follow the additional tips below to maximize the touchscreen lifespan:

•Replace the screen protector every four weeks even if it does not appear to be worn out. Longer change frequencies may result in more difficult removal and touchscreen delamination.

•Clean the touchscreen following the cleaning procedures outlined in this document before applying a new screen protector. This will lift contaminants away from the screen to reduce scratching.

•Use the Trimble-provided stylus only. Avoid using excessive pressure and sharp or abrasive objects. Using other objects on the touchscreen can result in damaging scratches and a shorter touchscreen lifespan.

Removing a screen protector:

•Use sticky tape on one corner to begin the lift of the screen protector being sure not to apply the tape to the underlying touchscreen.

•Do not use a sharp, metal, or plastic object to lift the screen protector.

•Once you have the corner lifted, finish removing the screen protector with your hand by slowly peeling back the protector from the started corner to the opposite corner until removal is complete.

Cleaning the controller display and touchscreen:

•Clean the surface of the touchscreen using the cleaning cloth provided and water only. A cleaning cloth is included in the screen protector replacement package. Do not immerse the controller in water.

•Do not use glass cleaner to clean your touchscreen display. Many glass cleaners contain Ammonium Hydroxide, which may result in damage to the touchscreen.