Spectra Precision Survey Pro Version 5.0
Spectra Precision® is pleased to introduce Spectra Precision Survey Pro Version 5.0. This is a major release of Survey Pro containing a number of new features, functions and streamlined workflows.
New Features
• Added active DXF background maps which enable a DXF file to be imported as a background map and objects can be selected from this map for stakeout, COGO calculations, point creation, etc. The DXF layers can be controlled for visibility and usage. DXF objects are drawn in color.
• Added new data management control in a single, intelligent, flexible file format. The dynamic file viewer/editor enables survey data to be edited to correct entry errors resulting in an immediate update to coordinates.
• Introduced graphical and workflow enhancements. The updated menu system has a user customizable Home screen enabling the most commonly used workflows to be accessible directly. Another enhancement is the active survey map allows surveys to be controlled interactively from the map views including staking a point by simply tapping on that point, initiating measurements to store points, inversing to a line by tapping the line, etc.
• Updated feature code support for high precision GIS data collection. Auto line-work commands are supported and lines are drawn in real time. The lines may be edited or used for other options including stakeout or COGO. FXL file format is supported for import and export between other FXL enabled applications such as Spectra Precision Survey Office software.
• Added support for new Spectra Precision GNSS receivers – ProMark 800 and ProMark 200.