Solar Storm Event today – 01/24/12 thru the week, May Affect GPS reception in your area.

All Space based Radio signals in the path of this Solar Storm including GPS Signals will be affected.   GPS Signals may be disrupted today 01/24/12 throughout the week in your area according to Space Weather, NASA and NOAA.

You can’t miss this topic on the news as its on most web browsers today.

The Solar flares will disrupt the Atmosphere in which the GPS signals are trying to go through in order to reach us on the ground.  GPS signals will be affected at their source and in the upper Atompshere which in turn will affect all GPS receivers that are trying to listen for the signals.  This means GPS Base Stations and your personal GPS (GPS in your car/cell phone); Mapping Grade and Survey Grade receivers will not receive normal signals.  This may not happen everywhere as the affects will be stronger toward the Poles.

Be mindful that if you do collect GPS today and throughout the week that your positions may have some extra errors in them.

The largest solar storm for seven years is expected to send a shower of radioactive solar particles racing towards Earth at almost 1,400 miles a second this week, according to NASA.

Enjoy the “Northern Lights” show if you happen to see them!!

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