To Charge or Not to Charge My GPS device? Wait…… What was the Question again?

The Million Dollar Question:  “When and how do I charge my GPS device?”

I will give an example of the Geo 6000 XT/XH on how to Charge the battery and how to Store the device.  For all other Trimble MGIS devices you will want to veryify Charging and Storing via the  Trimble website Support/Training  per your Device and download the User Guide/Reference Manual.   


This is the recommendation from our Seiler Trimble Certified Service/Repair department:

We recommend charging the Geo and then leaving them off the charger.
Charging then again the day before use if power is low. When left on the
charger for extended periods of time heat from charging cuts down on the
batteries lifespan. This is the same for other models of Geos as well.


Below is an excerpt taken from the Geo 6000 User Guide:

Storing the handheld:

If you are not going to use the handheld for three months or more, Trimble

recommends that you do not leave the handheld in Suspend mode (see page 31).

Instead, partially charge the battery and then turn off the handheld.

To prepare the GeoExplorer 6000 series handheld for storage:

1. Transfer any data that you need to an office computer.

2. Charge the battery to approximately 30%.

3. Press the Power key for one second until the Power menu appears and then tap: Shutdown.

4. Store the handheld at room temperature.

To use the GeoExplorer 6000 series handheld after storage:

1. Press the Power key to turn on the handheld.

2. Recharge the battery (see Charging the battery, page 27).


Geo 6000 User Guide  Click on Technical Support Tab/Documentation and the Geo 6000 User Guide.


Trimble Note – The life of the battery can be significantly shortened if

power is constantly supplied to the handheld. To avoid this issue, connect

 the handheld to an external power source only when the battery requires

 charging. Once fully charged, disconnect the external power source and

allow the battery to discharge through normal use.

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