If you missed the NGS online Webinar for Feburary 16th’s NGS/DS World for Survey Control in Google Earth. 

The video is now available online and you can download it too.

Not only is the tool useful for finding NGS Survey control points and viewing them in Google Earth here are some other added features:

Description: DSWorld was originally designed to display datasheet information in a “world view”, hence its name. Since its inception, it has been greatly enhanced to the point of being a major interface with NGS and the NGS Integrated Database (IDB). It provides Land Surveyors, GIS professionals and the general public with important up-to-date geodetic control information at the click of a button.


  • Publishable geodetic control points in Google Earth by any of 5 different selection criteria.
  • Other geodetic control such as reference marks, azimuth marks, calibration baseline marks, tidal BMs, etc.
  • CORS stations
  • Gravity stations
  • OPUS stations


  • CBL information
  • County Boundaries from the US census Bureau
  • Datasheets
  • DSWorld news
  • Digital photos
  • Various lists of geodetic data


  • Input files for Street Atlas


  • A full feature digital photo editor specifically designed for sizing, enhancing, naming and labeling digital photos for submission to NGS.
  • Routines for sending digital photos, recovery notes, hand-held GPS positions, data corrections, and photo trouble reports to NGS via the internet.
  • Links to important NGS web interfaces.
  • A simple ftp interface.
  • Routines for automatically updating itself.
  • Built-in context-sensitive help.


DS World 2.1 works with free Google Earth 6 and Professional version 6 too.

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