Here is the latest Trimble MGIS Compatibility List as of February 28, 2012.

With that in mind that usually means that there are new releases of Software and or Hardware.  Both are true.

More to come on the new options and functions of these Software and Hardware releases.

  • Always uninstall, reboot your device or PC before installing new versions of software. 
  • Check with your IT staff for any permissions or Firewall issues for downloading, installing or Activating the licenses.  Port 80 needs to open on your PC for Activaitons of any of the softwares.
  • TerraSync and GPS Correct Activation
  • GPS Pathfinder Office Activation


*Please read the Release Notes for the softwares per changes and compatibilities found in each of the download sections.

In order to check to see if you are entitled to these latest software releases check via your Trimble Registration Account – See a prior blog post  Trimble Registration website, Manger/IT or other person in charge of your licenses, Sales Representative or Tech Support.