The Pro 6H and Pro 6T has landed (Newest version of the Pro XH and XT).  There is also a new Trimble MGIS Compatibility List as of April 2012.



The former Pro XH and Pro XT have received a face lift inside and out:

  • The Pro XH is now the Pro 6H.
  • The Pro XT is now the Pro 6T.
  • The Pro XH was a 12 inch to 6 inch horizontal GPS receiver and now the Pro 6H is a 12 to 4 (Decimeter 10 cm) inch horizontal device and is GPS/Glonass ready (as is the Geo 6000 XH). 
  • Pro 6H can now be used with a real time VRS/RTN Real-Time network similar to the Pro XRT, Geo 2008/3000 XH and the Geo 6000 XH and achieve Sub Foot in a VRS/RTN Real-Time network. 
  • The other bonus is that the Pro 6H now has “Trimble Floodlight Technology” included just like the Geo 6000 XH.  This allows for more consistent accuracy and productivity in difficult GPS environments via VRS/RTN Real-Time networks and Differential Correction against GNSS base stations.
  • The Pro 6T is still the Submeter receiver but does have the option to upgrade to “Trimble Floodlight Technology” to allow for GNSS (GPS/Glonass) and more consistent accuracy and productivity in difficult GPS environments.

The following Software versions are required at minimum compatibility with the Pro 6 Series:  See the Trimble MGIS Compatibility List

  • TerraSync 5.30
  • GPS Correct 3.40
  • GPS Controller 2.50
  • Trimble GPS Pathfinder Field Toolkit application 1.22

For more information on the hardware specifications for the Trimble Pro 6 Series click here:  Trimble Pro 6 Data Sheet or Technical Specs for the Pro 6

Be sure to read up on the “Trimble Floodlight Technology” links above per the Geo 6000 Series and Pro6 Series.