Where to find and or create the Projection files for Coordinate Systems to use for Trimble GPS Pathfinder Office export?

Below are some options to finding and or creating the Projection files to use for Export of data from Trimble GPS Pathfinder Office.

Or, what if you don’t have direct access to ArcGIS and would still would like to use these projections files to define the projection of your Coordinate System for your SHP file export – then what do you do?

Look no further:

Here’s the link to the ArcGIS projection files (in a ZIP file)

If you are unable to download and save the Projection Files from above then see our website:

Seiler Mapping Support

Scroll down and on the right underneath the “General Support” column look for below the GPSCorrect and GPS Analyst links and locate and click on the link called ArcGIS 10 Coordinate System Files. 

Tip: Remember to define the projection as the same as your coordinate system “Apples to Apples” otherwise your data might end up in another state or continent.


Once you save the folder to your PC you can then Browse to the Projection folder/files you are interested in from within the GPS Pathfinder Office “SHP files Export Properties Coordinate System” tab.  Side note:  If you are not finding the proper “WGS84” in the projection folder then try the “Geographic projection” folder.

Manually create the Projection File if you are running ArcGIS 10.1 or higher then do the following:

  • Open ArcCatalog
  • Create a new shapefile
  • Under Spatial Reference, select edit
  • Set the coordinate system/datum you need
  • Add it to your favorites
  • Repeat for all coordinate systems you need
  • The Location to Browse to On Win7, the Favorites location is something like:c:Users[login][Roaming | Local | etc]AppDataESRIDesktop10.1ArcMapCoordinate Systems

    On WinXP, it’s C:Documents and Settings[login]Application DataESRIDesktop10.1ArcMapCoordinate Systems

     NOTE * You may have to unhide your folders so you can see AppData folder