There is a new operating system for the TSC3 and Ranger 3 data collectors…. We recommend that you upgrade to this.

Please note that Trimble Access version 2012.00 is the earliest version that is supported with the new Windows Embedded firmware.

 The firmware download is available here

 Trimble TSC3 – Windows Embedded Handheld – Firmware version 2.0.1 – Language Provisioning (81437 KB)

Download this Windows Embedded Handheld Operating System to get the latest updates and to configure your Trimble TSC3 Series Handheld Computer into one of the 6 supported languages: English, Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Japanese, or Spanish.

Updates from the 1.0.1 Firmware:

• Windows Mobile 6.5 has been renamed to Windows Embedded Handheld (WEH)

• Added a compass plug-in for the Today screen that shows bearing (heading) in degrees that the unit is pointing.

• Includes integration of all previously released CAB file patch updates

• Improved touch screen stability

• Improvements to file system performance

• New AKU OS adaptation kit (Microsoft has fixed a number of issues related to memory leaks and other items)

• The compass headings stabilize more quickly after rotating the device

• Autorun issue has been resolved


Please Note:

This upgrade is free of charge and compatible with all TSC3 handhelds. You will not need a new Windows Mobile license code.

After upgrading your TSC3, you may need to re-install some software applications. Contact the software vendor for instructions on how to re-install their software.

Before You Upgrade

Before installing this firmware you need to copy all data files from the Trimble TSC3 to your PC. Also, be prepared to reinstall all 3rd party programs. When you install this firmware, you will lose all data and 3rd party programs that are currently on your TSC3. Factory installed applications such as CellStart, SatViewer and ScanAgent will be automatically re-installed.