Pro 6H/6T GNSS Firmware Update – v1.01.1

See the Technical Support link and click on “Downloads” from this website:  Pro 6H/6T website.

**Or click on the following link for direct download:  Trimble Pro 6 Series Firmware Upgrader – v1.01.1 (Build 31596) (8029 KB) Download this upgrade package to upgrade the GNSS Firmware of your Pro 6 series to version 1.01.1 (Build 31596).  All Pro 6 series receivers should have the GNSS firmware upgraded to this latest version.

Features: Features and issues resolved with this firmware version include:

  • General improvements to GNSS processor resource handling to increase overall system performance.
  • Improved accuracy of real-time accuracy estimates when using real-time MSAS corrections out of specified areas.
  • Improved position logging stability when using external real-time corrections  i.e. VRS/RTN.
  • An issue where some straight-line features exhibited small unexplained side-to-side deviations or a ‘sine-wave’ like pattern over time is resolved.

1. Confirm your handheld requires this update (if your current version is v1.08, then that is the original firmware (Build 29984) and you should upgrade to v1.01.1 (Build 31596).
2. Download the Trimble Pro Series USB Drivers to your desktop computer if you haven’t already.
3. Download the upgrade file to a location on your desktop computer.
4. Connect the Pro 6 series to the desktop computer with a USB cable, and connect the receiver to an AC adaptor.
5. Run the Trimble Pro 6 Series Firmware Upgrader – v1.01.1 application and follow the prompts.