How do I learn how to customize ArcPad 10?

ArcPad Customization help is online.

Half of the customizing of ArcPad 10 can be accomplished without Programming in ArcPad Studio which is included with your installation of ArcPad 10.

Previously buried in ArcPad Studio the HELP section is now online at:  ArcPad Studio 10 Help  or ArcPad Resources

The following are just a few ways ArcPad 10 can be customized to suit your particular needs:

  • Always load the same geographic data when ArcPad starts.
  • Remove Tools not needed.
  • Add or Remove Tools from the “Quick Action Button” located in upper left.
  • Create new toolbars that contain built-in and custom tools.
  • Design custom forms to streamline data collection in the field.
  • Build applets to accomplish your organization’s unique goals.
  • Write scripts that interact with ArcPad’s internal objects.
  • Develop extensions to support new file formats, positioning services, rangefinders, cameras, projections, and datum transformations.

For more information on Customizing ArcPad 10 see this article on the ArcPad Team Blog:  ArcPad Customization Help is now Online