Battery Life slowing down your GPS Production? 

If the Pro XH/XT battery doesn’t function as it used to or it doesn’t read past 50% charge?  Then it’s time to Calibrate the battery.


See the support note available for the Trimble Pro XH/XT  Battery Calibration Instructions will walk you through the “Calibration” process.

In this same support note on Page 1 there is a Warning not to charge the battery inside of the unit:


Do not charge the GPS Pathfinder ProXH and ProXT receiver battery inside the receiver unit. Do not leave the battery unattended while installed in the receiver and with the AC charger attached.

The full support note can be found here: Charging the Pro XH/XT battery outside of the receiver

Other resources for the Trimble Pro XH/XT  are as follows:  Pro XH Support and Pro XT Support where you can locate Data Sheets, Support Notes, Documentation and Downloads.