Geo 6000 Series OS 6.5.10 Upgrade as of October 31st, 2012 – Fixes Camera shutter/image capture and Photo Geo tagging issues.

Geo 6000 Series OS 6.5.10 Upgrade


On the GeoExplorer 6000 Series Technical Support Downloads website you will find the latest OS Upgrade “6.5.10”.

GeoExplorer 6000 series Operating System version 6.5.10 (Update from version 6.5.9)   This download allows you to upgrade the operating system of your GeoExplorer 6000 Series handheld from version 6.5.9 to 6.5.10.


The update is free of charge. All GeoExplorer 6000 GeoXT and GeoXH series handhelds with version 6.5.9 of the Operating System should install this update.  Click here to download and install the upgrade for OS 6.5.9 to 6.5.10.


Refer to the Release Notes for details of the enhancements provided by this release and how to perform the upgrade. 

These release notes explain how to update the operating system of a GeoExplorer 6000 series handheld Windows Mobile® 6.5 operating system from version 6.5.9 to 6.5.10.

The process of upgrading to the version 6.5.10 operating system will not affect your files and applications. All application data and files will be retained; however it is considered good practice to back up important data up prior to installing updates.

This operating system update includes the following changes:

Support for the Centimeter Output receiver option upgrade for the GeoXH™ Centimeter edition handheld

Usability enhancements for the onboard camera application.

Increased stand-by timeout time to 60 seconds.

Improved synchronization of camera application shutter click with the instant of image capture.

Added Image Geotagging using the onboard camera application as a standard feature to the operating system (this function no longer requires NMEA output to be enabled).

Increased the number of decimal places for GNSS locations recorded for geotagged images

Added user selectable setting for formatting the Geotagging of images (DD°MM’” or DD.dddddd°)

Resolved issue where repeated pressing of the camera button would crash the camera application

Added further international language translations to strings in the System Information applet

 BEFORE the OS 6.5.10 Upgrade your OS version may look like this or older:

 Start / Settings / System / System Information


Operating system update installation process:

  Connect Power to the Geo 6000 and copy your data off of the Geo 6000 just incase.  This OS Upgrade WILL NOT remove your software or data but as a precaution back up your data and note your install code and version of software.

Make sure that you need to install this update. This update is compatible with GeoExplorer 6000 series handhelds only (product part numbers 88950-xx, 88951-xx, 88952-xx, or 88953-xx), with operating system version 6.5.9.

**Refer to the Release Notes for details on how to install the “6.5.10” OS Upgrade.

1. Check the version of the operating system of your handheld. On the Geo 6000 Home screen, tap Start / Settings / System / System Information. The current operating system version is shown on the Device tab.

2. If the operating system is version 6.5.10, you do not need to apply the update.

3. OS upgrades need to be done in order and you cannot skip to the latest.

AFTER your OS 6.5.10 Upgrade you should see this:

Start / Settings / System / System Information


If you are looking for the prior OS upgrade versions for the Geo 6000 before downloading and installing the “6.5.10” see my prior posts and or the Trimble Geo Explorer 6000 download website.

**** A reminder to also upgrade your GNSS Firmware on your Geo 6000 Series to the latest as of July 2012. See my post about the GNSS Firmware 3.06.1 for the Geo 6000′s.


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