Resetting the Internal GPS Receiver on the Nomad and Yuma


Nomad 900G




If you need to RESET the Internal GPS Receiver on a Nomad and or Yuma you can do this by following these instructions:


If your Nomad or Yuma is unable to connect to its internal GPS receiver, or if its connected and not receiving Satellite information, one of the best trouble shooting tips is to RESET the GPS chip to its default settings.

  1. To reset the GPS chip back to its default state, fully shutdown the Nomad or Yuma and remove the battery from the device for 5 minutes.  This will cut off the power to the GPS chip, which will cause it to reset back to its default state.  Removing the battery is an essential step, as performing the Soft/Hard or Factory Resets will not affect the GPS chip.
  2. This procedure is useful for troubleshooting GPS issues that could be related to a setting on the SiRFstarIII GPS chip, of if the GPS chip enters an unknown or locked up condition.
  3. To ensure that there is NO RISK FOR DATA LOSS, always close all active programs, back up your data and properly shutdown the Nomad or Yuma before removing the batteries.


See the User Guides for the Nomad and the Yuma for more information about GPS trouble shooting:

Nomad User Guide see page: 38

Trimble Yuma User Guide see page: 7-12