TruPulse 360 connecting to a Geo 6000 and TerraSync 5.xx

We have a Technical Support document on our Seiler Mapping Support webiste that walks you through the steps of connecting a TruPulse to a Geo 6000 and Terra Sync 5.xx

Geo 6000 XH and Trupulse2

 TruPulse Quick Reference Field Guides calibration routines can be found on pages 6 and 7.

Download the: TruPulse 360B User Manual  calibration routines can be found in the TruPulse 360B User Manual pages 21 thru 31.

How to calibrate the TruPulse 360B Compass and Tilt Sensor and other useful workflows for the TruPulse.

Reasons to calibrate the TruPulse 360B:

  • It’s brand new
  •  You are working in a new area and or have not used it in a while
  • Changed batteries
  • It was dropped

  1. Always calibrate and test the TruPulse outside and away from metal objects per the User Manual – “see page 28”.
  2. Hold the TruPulse directly over the location that you used for the GPS orgin for consistent laser measurements.  It is recommended that the data collector and or external antenna be located a minimum of 18 inches (46 centimeters) away from the TruPulse whether its just the data collector in the hand or data collector with an external antenna setup on a pole.