The Trimble TerraSync software provides two closely-related options for logging GNSS data.

These options differ in their timing of GNSS data collection relative to the start of a feature.

The options are:

  • Log Now – start a feature and simultaneously start collecting GNSS positions.
  • Log Later – start a feature, and start collecting GNSS positions later.

LOG NOW – starts logging GNSS positions immediately.  This is the Default data collection setting in TerraSync.  To verify that you are set to LOG NOW click on OPTIONS in theCollect Features” screen.

  1. Be sure that your Accuracy indicator in the upper right of TerraSync Collection screen is where you want it to be before starting your feature.
  2. If you have a steady hand you can collect GNSS data and fill out your attributes at the same time.  If your Accuracy indicator in the upper right meets your required Accuracy level for  “In the Field or Post Processed”  after averaging 20-30 positions then click on the PAUSE button in the lower right to not record anymore GNSS Positions.
  3. Now you can fill out your attributes.
  • By clicking PAUSE you will not introduce anymore GNSS positions in case you need to move your screen to see it better (which would change the angle of the GNSS antenna and introduce poor GNSS positions)  or if you needed to physically move to get out of the way of oncoming traffic etc.  You can always go back to the location of your Feature and log more GNSS positions if necessary.
  • Once PAUSE is selected you can then concentrate on filling out the rest of your attributes.
  • After you have completed the attributes you can click DONE to save the GNSS averaging and the attributes per your feature.

LOG LATER – You are in control of when the GNSS positions are logged.   This allows you to start a feature, enter attributes and collect GNSS positions later.  Using Log Later allows you concentrate on filling out your attributes and to give the GNSS receiver more time to initialize and lock onto quality GNSS Satellites.   Once your GNSS receiver has initialized your accuracy indicator should be reading a stable number of “In the Field or Post Processed” in the upper right of your screen per you liking.

  • To set LOG LATER click on OPTIONS in the “Collect Features” screen and then select LOG LATER and a dot will show up to the left of LOG LATER.


Log Now vs Log Later in TerraSync

**Log Later comes in handy for use with lines and area features too.   The benefit of this action is to prevent an unnecessary build-up of vertexs at the start of your line or area feature which would then in turn create more editing in GPS Pathfinder Office and or in your GIS or CAD software.


In Review – the benefits of using Log Now vs. Log Later in TerraSync:

  • Use the Log Now / Log Later function to pause and resume logging when appropriate.
  • It is useful to control GNSS logging to prevent unwanted positions being logged to the feature.

See the TerraSync 5.40 Getting Started Guide  or the TerraSync/GPS Pathfinder Office 5.30 Orientation Guide on our website.