Trimble Access 2013.01 Released

Trimble Access 2013.01 resolves 3 issues


Stakeout delta updates

An intermittent issue where the stakeout deltas were not updated when re-measuring the stakeout location using a conventional instrument has been resolved.


GeoXR switching to new base

An issue where, after connecting a Trimble GeoXR to an RTK network that was transmitting ephemeris messages as part of the GNSS correction stream, the message “Switching to new base” appeared every 10 seconds has been resolved.


Slow Trimble Road Stakeout and application error

An issue where road stakeout started to run very slow, and then resulted in an application error has been resolved. The error occurred due to the repeat loading of the as-staked points. As-staked points were added to the plan and map view as solid circles in Trimble Access version 2013.00. For version 2013.01 we do not load or differentiate between staked points and not yet staked points, they are all shown as open circles.


NOTE – Version 2013.01 replaces 2013.00, but job versions have not changed and jobs from 2013.00 can be used with 2013.01 without any conversion.


The Trimble Access 2013.01 Release Notes and Trimble Access 2013.00 Help files are available in PDF format from the Trimble Access Help Home Page on TCC.



Trimble Access 2013.01 is available for installation now using the Trimble Access Installation Manager.

To install and run Trimble Access software version 2013.01, you must have a warranty agreement valid up to 1 February 2013.



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