Coordinate Issues with Trimble Collectors and the NAD83 2011 Adjustment

Submitted by Ryan Swingly PLS from Seiler’s Indiana Office

Explanation of NAD 1983 (2)


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  1. Jennifer Bountry September 18, 2013 at 2:21 pm - Reply

    I am trying to gain a better understanding of what transformation Trimble Business Center applies between NAD83(conus) versus NAD83(2011), which appears to be about 1 m. I have a .job file that was broadcast from a RTN in NAD83(CORS96) and stored in the TSC2 as NAD83(conus) because we had not yet upgraded to include NAD83(2011). I have an OPUS solution in NAD83(2011) that is very close to the CORS96 RTN solution for our single base point. Wondering if there is additional update from post above on whether and when to use NAD83(2011) in controllors and/or TBC. Also wondering which flavor of NAD83 the NAD83(conus) represents when performing a transformation – is it the NAD83(1986), 0, 0, 0?

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