Juno 5 OS “1.0.5” and the “MC v70 Bongo” Firmware Released June 27th 2013

Juno 5 OS “1.0.5” and the “MC v70 Bongo” Firmware Released June 27th 2013

**Fixes Wireless issues and other essential updates

Juno 5

New features and changes at of June 27th 2013:

The following changes are available with the Juno 5 series handheld operating system version 1.0.5:

•Improved Microsoft® Bing® support

•More reliable Bluetooth® wireless technology

•Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections can be active at the same time without breaking the connections

•Improved Wi-Fi network handling

•PDF reader now opens PDF files more reliably

•Improved soft keypad

Click here to downloaded the: Juno 5 OS 1.0.5 and v70 Firmware

  1. Download the zip file to your PC.
  2. Unzip the download onto your PC.
  1. Back up your data and note your install codes.
  2. Perform the 1.0.5 OS first.  It will wipe the Juno 5 back to Factory Defaults.
  3. Follow the instructions in the Juno 5 OS/FW Release Notes and run the install from your PC.
  4. After the OS is installed then set up the Juno 5 to ENGLISH via the “up, down and enter” button on the left side of the Juno.
  5. Once OS is up and running then copy the 2 firmware files:  “BongoUpdateUtilityV1.0.9.exe” and “BONGO0070” to the ‘My Documents’ folder on the Juno and follow the instructions Juno 5 OS/FW Release Notes.  The update will not work properly if the files are copied to the root   of the Juno 5.

The newly updated OS 1.0.5 and v70 Firmware will look like this once completed:

Juno 5 OS 1.0.5 and FW 70

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