Barometer in the Trimble Geo 6000 series and Pro6 series receivers

  1. There are 2 barometer holes just below the identification (sticker) location on the back of the Geo 6000.
  2. Keep these holes clean and do not cover them with a sticker and or your fingers.  See page 24 and page 71 in the Geo 6000 User Guide.
  3. Click on the photos to access the User Guides of both the Geo 6000 and the Pro6.

Barometer Geo 6000

Below is an explanation of what the Barometer is and does for the Geo 6000 and Pro6 receiver.

  • The Barometer is 1 of 3 components in the Trimble Floodlight Technology:
  • Floodlight is included with a Geo 6000 XH and Pro6H but double-check that it is activated.  It is an available option for the Geo 6000 XT and Pro6T.

Barometer Geo 6000_2

  1. There are 2 barometer holes under each overhang of the Pro6 antenna.
  2. Keep these holes clean and do not cover them.  See Page 9 of the Pro6 User Guide.
  3. These 2 barometer holes are not mentioned in the User Guides as of “UG_v1RevB” June 2012 other than you can see 1 one of them in the photo.  These holes are no different than the ones on the back of the Geo 6000’s.

Pro6 Barometer

  • Be aware that prolonged exposure of placing the Geo 6000 or the Pro 6 on your vehicle dash-board or over the air vents during extreme heat and or cold may cause the barometer to not work properly.  This can further lead these devices to lock up when leaving the vehicle to collect data in the opposite thermal condition.