TerraSync DDF “Preview” in the GPS Pathfinder Office – Data Dictionary Editor

This is s a handy tool in GPS Pathfinder Office 5.00 and higher via the Data Dictionary Editor.

  • Allows you to preview the Data screen layout of your Data Dictionary File “.DDF”.
  • You can then to test the data collection form workflow without having to transfer it to the mobile device.

You will need to install the “TerraSync Desktop” version 5.00 or higher onto the same PC that GPS Pathfinder Office is installed on.

  • You will use the same install code that you have for your TerraSync software on your mobile device.
  • You will not activate the license when prompted since it is already activated on you mobile device.
  • After TerraSync Desktop 5.00 or higher is installed then you will be able to use the “Preview in TerraSync” button to view the DDF.
  • TerraSync Desktop 5.00 or higher can be downloaded from:  TerraSync Desktop 5.00 or higher

In the Data Dictionary Editor screen click on “Preview in TerraSync”

TerraSync Preview DDF Editor

Test out your Data Dictionary Form before you transfer it to the GPS device to see if its ready for field data collection

TerraSync Preview DDF Editor_2

See the GPS Pathfinder Office “HELP” or the GPS Pathfinder Office User Guides per your 5.00 or higher for more information.