All NGS/CORS base stations will be unavailable Starting on October 1st

With the current US Government shutdown, all NGS/CORS services are unavailable. This includes their Website and FTP access, meaning you will not be able to post-process data using their base stations (unless you’ve previously downloaded the base files.) This includes both the UFCORS and CORS ftp.

Our customers should feel free to contact us with any questions.

This will affect all users of GPS equipment that rely on NOAA/NGS/CORS base station data for Differential Correction/Post Processing.  This affects all Trimble Mapping and Survey software and other vendors too.

NOAA/NGS/CORS websites and servers will be offline during the Government shut down starting October 1st, 2013

  • It is unknown how long this will last
  • It is unknown if the data will be available in a few weeks after the servers are back online

If you rely on Differential Correction/Post Processing please use any non CORS base stations and or any free or paid for Real-Time services:

  • SBAS/WAAS  1-5 meter horizontal correction – free
  • State VRS/RTN’s – free and paid for  See an older Blog Post:  VRS Networks in the Midwest

**In the central part of USA you can use the Seiler Base stations in your Trimble Differential Correction list which are not affected by NGS/CORS Government shut down.

***If you need to acquire and OPUS solution during this time frame for Survey Grade Instruments while the NGS/CORS solutions are offline Trimble has an alternative option via their Center Point RTX  website.  See the list of Survey Grade instruments and file types that may use this service.

**** Unfortunately the Trimble Center Point RTX service is not compatible with any of the Trimble “MGIS”  Mapping Grade GPS units or software.