How to download and Differentially Correct “WISCORS” base station data in Trimble GPS Pathfinder Office

We have created a video that will walk you through the download and differential correction of “Rinex” GPS base station data.  This video shows and example of using the “WISCORS Rinex” and how to Differentially Correct this data in Trimble GPS Pathfinder Office.

Click here to watch the video: Rinex GPS data from WISCORS – WIDOT

**This process is especially useful when there isn’t direct access to NGS/CORS or other federal base stations via the Trimble GPS Pathfinder Office base list .

1.  These steps are also similar for other DOT base station providers that have access to “Rinex” base station downloadable data.   They include DOT’s such as IADOT, INDOT, KYDOT, MODOT, MNDOT etc.

  • In order to gain access to “Rinex” GPS base station data you will need to sign up for a Username and Password in order to manually download the Rinex GPS files.
  • See the “Real-Time Base Station Networks” blog post for web links to these DOT base stations listed above.
  • Within these websites or on the left side of these websites there will be a link for more information on how to sign up or register.

2.  If the specific Rinex download provider doesn’t allow you to use the VRS/RTN Real-Time login that you already use than be sure to sign up for it too.   This is the case with the WIDOT “WISCORS” where you will need to request access to the reference data shop specifically at: “WISCORS Rinex”

3.  If you need access to MODOT Rinex base files please e-mail us at [email protected]  This is because the process to normally gain access for a MODOT account could take more than 1 week.