GPS/GNSS Metadata in Trimble GPS Pathfinder Office: What is it and how to Export it?

Some of us use “Metadata” in our GIS workflows.  A general explanation of what Metadata is: “An explanation about other data”  or “Data about Data”.

When using Trimble GPS Pathfinder Office via the Export workflow you can provide “GPS/GNSS Metadata” per your data collection projects.

  • This is a beneficial tool for both confirmation of how the data was collected and corrected (Real-time or Post Processed).
  • Valuable information can be exported with your features for validation and data base queries.
  • Some contracts require that you provide PROOF of your data collection practices and results.  Using GPS/GNSS Metadata can provide this proof and add value to your data.

The steps to export out GNSS Metadata are:

  1. In GPS Pathfinder Office click on Utilities/Export.  Select the data file you would like to export and the location to export to.
  2. Then locate the “Properties” button in the lower right and then click on the “Attributes” tab.  From here you can select other critical GPS/GNSS metadata information about your features that were collected in TerraSync.
  3. Once you have made your GNSS “Attribute” selections click “OK” two times to complete the Export.

Examples of GNSS Metadata can be exported for all point, line, and area features:

  • PDOP
  • Correction Status
  • Receiver Type
  • Date Recorded
  • Time Recorded
  • Update Status
  • Feature Name
  • Data File Name
  • Total Positions
  • Filtered Positions
  • Data Dictionary Name
  • GNSS Week
  • GNSS Second

For an explanation of the above acronyms and terms see the Help guide in Trimble GPS Pathfinder Office and or via our Seiler Mapping Support website under “General GPS Topics” for the Trimble GPS Book GPS Acronyms can be found starting on page 126.  This PDF book can be saved to your PC.

  • In addition the GNSS Metadata listed above also see below examples of GNSS Metadata specifically for “Point, Lines and Area Features” too:

PFO Export Attributes Metadata

An exported SHP file “Metadata” example:

SHP File Metadata Example_2