CORS NGS Base stations are back online as of October 17th – but proceed with Caution

2013-Oct-17 9:30 EDT

“Most data from CORS sites are available for users to download, however NGS has not completed quality control on all data sets. We anticipate this will take one week of work. During this time period NGS will be updating metadata and possibly purging data sets that do not meet QC values. NGS will also be working with station operators to retrieve any missing data.”

For further information see the statement in more details via the NGS NOAA website

  • QA/QC any data you going to Differentially Correct that was collected during the shut down – between October 1st thru 16th.
  • If you are not confident in the data then run some tests by collecting data on top of known control points for a few minutes and correcting that data to verify that the base station data is reliable.
  • Or recollect the data in the next few weeks and correct it just to be sure.

You can click on the base station via the Google Map to find out more information about a particular CORS base station.


CORS Base station map

I zoomed in and selected “ILSA” – in Springfield, IL to see if it had data for the last 14 days:


cors base station data availability4

CORS data availability